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Art of PT  Sports Physical Therapy by Dr. Gerry Robles provides privately skilled one-on-one physical therapy to patients from a doctor of physical therapy.

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One-on-one consultation with Doctor of Physical Therapy

About Me

My approach to skilled therapy includes education on the injury and pain, hands on techniques, movement assessments, specific rehabilitation exercises, and loading progressions for the patient to return to full strength.

Our Professional Services

Manual Therapy


In-Clinic Visits

Client Reviews

Bobby Norman

"Absolutely great guy! Gave me tips on what to do with my rotator cuff and how I can better improve my range of motion now and it’s feel great. Gave me cupping as well and relieved so much soreness I had with training in bodybuilding. Highly recommend him!!!"

Michelle Morales

"Doctor Robles has changed the game for my athletic career-- as a professional boxer, he has helped rehab all of my injuries and stiffness. He's reliable, friendly and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to understanding the body"

Mia Alegado

"Gerry is a great PT! He always attentive, putting the patient first and makes sure to create a plan/routine that’s just right for you. Very knowledgeable and makes the experience of physical therapy a lot more fun.  I recommend coming to him if you want a great experience!"

Susan Crotty


"Dr. Robles' knowledge, expertise, professionalism and care on my knee injury had me on the road to full recovery thanks to a focused plan that more than exceeded my expectations"

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