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What My Clients Are Saying

I went into my evaluation with Gerry with some serious pessimism as I haven’t had the greatest experience working on addressing my knee issues in the past. Even after my knee evaluation I was still skeptical, but at least hopeful. It’s now 6 weeks later and I feel I have made major progress in reducing my knee pain and being more physically active in my day to day life. On top of that, I went into this experience with an acute back injury that was causing me significant pain on a day to day basis. That pain is now zero. Gerry is passionate about what he does, a true professional, and an all around nice guy. If you’re dealing with chronic pain and aren’t sure where to turn I highly suggest trying Gerry.

I went to Gerry after having surgery on my right shoulder and not having moved it for over a month. My first appointment I had basically zero range of motion, pain and stiffness in my shoulder. However, by the time of my last appointment I felt stronger than before my surgery and much more confident doing things with my shoulder. Gerry was able to tailor my PT to fit the progress I was making each week and challenged me while also making me feel supported and comfortable to ensure I regained my strength and mobility. Gerry also helped my sister with ankle issues she was having and I will recommend him to any friends needing PT! Not only is he very knowledgeable, he is also extremely friendly and easy to work with/talk to!

Susan Crotty

Excellent positive experience! Dr. "Gerry" Robles' knowledge, expertise, professionalism and care on my knee injury had me on the road to full recovery thanks to a focused plan that more than exceeded my expectations. The one-on-one personalized care allowed Gerry to attentively listen to my concerns leading to care not available at large corporate PT's - he genuinely cares and it shows. Wow.... I cannot say enough good things about Gerry, his abilities and the flexibility of working with the Art of PT.

Cynthia Pineda


More Testimonials

"Gerry is a great PT! He always attentive, putting the patient first and makes sure to create a plan/routine that’s just right for you. Very knowledgeable and makes the experience of physical therapy a lot more fun. I’ve gone to him with knee and neck problems and he’s provided me with a lot of exercises to help keep the pain at bay. I recommend coming to him if you want a great experience!"

- Mia Alegada

"Gerry is an amazing physical therapist! My shoulders were so stiff and tight and my range of motion had began declining since the pandemic. It became so difficult just trying to do anything. After the first session with him, there was a noticeable improvement. Four more sessions later and I had almost gotten back to 100%!"

- Jade Parrish

"Gerry has helped me with not only therapy following a total knee replacement, but a torn hamstring as well!! His care-first attitude and knowledge is amazing!! I feel better now at 53 than I did at 33!! If you are looking for a great therapist, Gerry is one of the best!! And... he's a Sox fan.. Even better!! Thanks, Gerry, for making me feel my best!"

- Steve Hurdle

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